We know weighing foods is key on any weight loss program, and a food scale is a kitchen-must have to set your dieters up for success. With this new, sleek Digital Food Scale they’ll get accurate weights that can easily be switched between Imperial and Metric weights and volumes. The weight of the plate or bowl can also be removed to only get food measurements. We’ve also customized the scale to include the Ideal Protein 1 Cup Vegetable Conversions which are printed directly on the scale (in both English and French.) We know many dieters refer to this cup conversion chart frequently, so now it’s right at their fingertips to help facilitate their meal prep! 

IP Digital Food Scale

SKU: digi
  • Features include:

    • Easy to read, backlit LCD screen
    • Tempered glass, easy to clean platform
    • Batteries included
    • Weighs both grams and ounces
    • Zeroes out weight of plate or bowl