This customized kit includes the five mandatory supplements (Multi Vita, Cal Mag, Potassium, Omega 3 Plus, and Ideal Salt) plus a specially created Ideal Protein supplement organizer as an added value/Gift with Purchase with the kit. The organizer lists out what supplements to take and when, has 7 trays for each day of the week; each tray has 4 compartments for each day so you can be set up for success and take your daily requirements on-the-go if necessary.

Ideal Micro Nutrition Kit

SKU: Micro
  • Included in the Kit:

    • 1     Multi-Vita
    • 1     Ideal Salt
    • 1     Cal-Mag
    • 1     Omega-3 Plus
    • 1     Potassium
    • 1     Supplement Organizer